Manchester is a multicultural city that boasts of amazing restaurants. Catering to a number of palates, the restaurants feature cuisines from different nationalities. Everything from Armenian to Nepalese cuisines to excite you. The best aspect of the city is that there are restaurants to suit every budget. As the city center has evolved dramatically over the years, you will find the best eating places in Spinningfields, Deansgate and the Northern Quarter among other places. From light bites to luxury chocolate desserts, here are 7 best restaurants in Manchester City Centre.

1. Home Sweet Home

Northern Quarter; 49-41 edge street, Manchester,UK
Just like the restaurant’s name suggest, Home Sweet Home is one of the few dining places that will tantalize any of its guests with food that tastes like home. Decked out in familiar wooden furniture and bric-a-brac that define its establishments, your eating experience here will be one to remember. As guests enter the restaurant, they will be welcomed by the professional and inviting staff who will receive them by pulling out a chair. It does not matter if you drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner because all the meals here will excite your palate. Cocked with high quality ingredients, everything from the steak bacon to the crispy buttermilk fried chicken will warrant a second visit. Home Sweet Home offers home comforts that is clearly felt in everything that the restaurant does.

2. Manchester House

18-22 Bridge Street, M3 3BZ, UK
When it comes to good dining, chef’s Aiden Byrnes Manchester House is a real treat. Located in Bridge Street, guests at the restaurant can enjoy the best a la carte menu which includes favorites such as braised flank of beef and choucroute. It does not matter where your taste buds lead you because the restaurant is diverse enough to cater to all your dining wants and needs. The food is cooked to perfection. Staples such as the homemade macaroons and madeleines will inspire you to make a second order. Guests are not restricted to the dining area, you can alternatively head to the bar to enjoy the food, eventually washing it down with a gin or tonic. The restaurant has an incredible view that will ensure you are treated to the best sightings as you eat.

3. Iberica

14-15 hardman St, Manchester M3 3HF, UK
Found in spinningfileds, Iberica is a brilliant restaurant that is characterized by high ceilings, gold décor and an open-style kitchen like no other. Boasting of a menu from Chef Nacho Manzano, the restaurant revitalizes the Manchester City Center. Iberica will treat you to a tempting selection of dishes. It does not matter whether you prefer the Galician style octopus or the Iberian pork because all guests are spoilt for choice here. As you wait for the food, you can entertain yourself with drinks from the bar menu. The restaurant is big on good customer service, making sure that there is always a perfect accompaniment for every dish. The baristas are also highly passionate about the java that they serve. Anytime you are in the Manchester City Center, Iberica is a great stop.

4. Brasserie Abode

170 a Piccadilly, Manchester MI 2DB, UK
Found in the city’s Northern Quarter, Brasserie Abode is a restaurant that will change your dining experiences for the better. With a uniquely sounding name and an equally unique menu, the restaurant offers an intriguing, relaxed informal yet sophisticated atmosphere. Previously known as the Michael Gaines Restaurant, Abode offers a selection of fish, salad, Posta and egg dishes. If you are a diner with an exquisite palate then you will equally enjoy the oysters, fresh sea food and the chef’s plot Du Jour special, which is one of the best in Manchester city. Just like the name suggest, most of the meals that you will enjoy in the restaurant are of a Fresh origin.


5. El Capo

12 Tariff St, Manchester MI 2FF, UK
Do not let this restaurants name fool you into believing that you will only be enjoying Mexican food here. Granted, EL Capo is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Manchester’s Northern Quarter but its abundance of diners has also inspired out to cook the best South American cuisines. Whether your cravings lead you to the tortillas, spicy hot wings or the amazing chips and dip, you can be certain that you will be well-catered to here. The restaurant’s ground floor bar offers a selection of over 21 cocktails, 80 tequilas and craft bottled beers. After enjoying the delicious South American and Mexican food, you can stop at the bar and wash the great taste down with a cold bottle of beer.

6. The Grill on the Alley

5 Ridgefield, Deansgate, Manchester City Center
Known for stakes that are allowed to age for 28 days before they get served. The Grill on the Alley is located in Deansgate, Manchester City. Not only does the restaurant offer a tantalising variety of well-cooked steak, sea food and grill, it also ensures that you have a memorable dining experience. The service is highly professional and the waiters and waitresses will be kind enough to recommend some delicious specials. The restaurant caters to a wide range of choice including meat, fish and vegetables. The sirloin and Wagyu are probably the best pieces of steak that you will ever have in Manchester City. The Grill also coasts of tasty burgers and well-prepared cuts of meat. It is indeed one of a kind.


7. Rosylee Restaurant & Lounge

11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, MI IDB, UK
Located in the Northern Quarter, the Rosylee Restaurant & Lounge offers a giant mix of Georgian and Edwardian décor. Representing European Durance at its best, this excellent British Restaurant is an outstanding place to enjoy a meat. With a menu that offers burgers, different cuts of carob, skewers, beef and chicken. The restaurant has mother watering dishes and stunning attractions of the menu. Rosylee makes a point of letting its quests known that all its cuts of meat are cooked in 400c INKA charcoal oven-one of the only three in the entire city. As such, the meat is succulent and retains all of its flavour. No matter what your dining preferences are, this restaurant is a must-visit.


There are many restaurants in the Manchester City Center but this list represents the cream of the crop. Whether you are in Deansgate, the Northern Quarter, Spinningfields or other parts of the city, our can always stop for a great meal anywhere. This selection will greatly serve any local or visitor alike.