Latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics report show that well over 550,000 people had experienced a burglary at their residential or business property in the year ending June 2016. Figures like these show us a disheartening snapshot of how many people have had to deal with such a violating and stressful experience that usually has serious financial implications.

An Expanding Industry

It doesnt come as a shock that a recent report by Research & Markets showed that the worldwide market for security systems was likely to grow by approximately 27% between 2017 and 2021 for homes as more and more home and business owners recognise the investment value in protecting their premises with better security systems.

There’s real opportunity for accelerated growth when we consider that the rise in ‘smart tech’ is still on the up with smart doorbell/intercom and lock systems proving popular even with the high price tag. The convenience seeing the Amazon delivery driver at your door via your smart phone whilst remotely unlocking the door for them to leave your package inside is obviously quite attractive to consumers and many are willing to pay the premium.

With crime such as burglaries on the rise in Manchester, we’ve already seen a rise in interest in security installs for electrical contractors which means businesses are starting to take it much more seriously and have become a lot more savvy with the latest in security tech.

Given it can take burglars on average as little as ten minutes to enter your property (often seconds too) it’s important that the system is simple to use and very quick to set and arm. Remote keypads and automated security can help in this regard. And with the vast majority of the population having access to smartphones and high-speed internet, it’s likely that you can monitor your entire property remotely, wherever you are.

Timers and Locks

The Royal Statistical Society carried out a study in 2015 that showed where automated systems with timer lighting and double locks were used it made the premises near fifty times better protected than a building without. Remember every security barrier you put in place is another a potential burglar needs to overcome. Time is crucial in their efforts so if they can’t quickly get in and get out, they usually move on.

Two of the most common and effective ways that burglars overcome locks is by drilling them out with a drill and screw or using the ‘bump’ key method whereby they use a generic key that fits – with a sharp bump of the key and a perfectly timed turn of the door handle, a great deal locks will open.

We now have access to keyless locks which largely eradicates the issues above. There’s a great deal of choice whether you want a keypad key fob system or smart system that connects with your smartphone or a micro-dermal implant. These systems have varying levels of tamper proof design whereby lights and alarms can be turned on if the system detects it’s being tampered with.

The security industry is rapidly evolving beyond the current scope of even the larger security giants and is quickly becoming a direct consumer market. We predict that smart home technology is likely to evolve into one of our larger offerings in the near future due to its ever increasing demand

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