One of our clients, a Manchester based distribution center has been singing our praises due to the fact that our proposed LED lighting upgrade provided an 80% saving as estimated.

£33,000 a year on lighting

Our client was spending a whopping £33,000+ a year on lighting alone which is hardly surprising when you consider they operated 24 hours a day with 320 high wattage, high and low bay fittings.

Their annual spend will decline from £33,000+ to a mere £6,700 because we used a combination of high output, low wattage LED lights with plenty of PIR motion detectors, which means the lights stay on only when they are needed.

The supply and install didn’t cost our client

Our client opted to finance the supply and installation because they preferred to reserve their capital for crucial operation. The best part is that we utilised the majority of the energy savings to fund the entire upgrade which in effect meant that our client paid absolutely nothing for the upgrade. Once the payback period is up, our client gets to enjoy a staggering 80% reduction in lighting costs.

These sorts of savings, up to the 80% mark, can be quite typical for larger 24 hour facilities that require powerful lighting but even buildings that work typical eight hour days can still save up to 50% in a lot of cases.

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