A. G. Barr has been a household name for over a century but is more commonly known for being the Iron Bru company due to it’s highly popular range of drinks. A. G. Barr have many distribution centers around the UK and wished to investigate whether efficiency savings could be made. One of their largest expenses at the distribution centers was the electricity usage.

Lighting was fairly standard throughout; 600×600 recessed ceiling lights in office areas and high bays throughout the warehouse areas. The lighting arrangement was good, however they were suffering from low lux levels due to aging ‘high efficiency’ lamps.

The proposed upgrade reduced A. G. Barr’s distribution center’s annual energy usage by 22,738 kWh of which was the equivalent of 8.7 tonnes of carbon saving. This upgrade provided a 70% saving on lighting energy usage which translated into £403 saving per month with a 36 month return on investment.

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