Robert Lee Distribution Ltd are the UK’s largest independent distributor of bathrooms, showers and plumbing products, supplying retailers and merchants around Europe. Being a market leader, Robert Lee Distribution wanted to ensure they have every competitive edge possible and enquired to ascertain what savings can be made in terms of their energy.

Robert Lee Distribution’s existing lighting layout was quite acceptable which meant they stood to benefit a great deal from a straight forward, point for point replacement of their existing fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. They wanted to improve lighting levels but also stressed they wished to make a saving so that any investment pays itself back.

The proposed upgrade reduced Robert Lee Distribution’s lighting energy usage of 80,000 kWh down to 36,000 kWh which represents a 56% saving. The investment to upgrade to LED had a less than three year return on investment and in real terms has saved this single distribution center over £500 per month in electricity usage.

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