There are plenty of reasons why you might need to hire an electrical contractor to serve your needs. It can be to carry out electrical repairs, to install new electrical fittings or to simply upgrade and improve on what you already have. In all the cases it is imperative to do thorough research before you hire your chosen contractor because a uninformed choice could leave you in a dangerous and financially disastrous situation. To ensure that you are making the right choice, you should look for certain seals of quality before making the final call.

Here’s our top five tips you need to consider when hiring an electrical contractor in Manchester

1. Qualification, Accreditation and Insurance

Any electrical contracting company that attends your commercial or industrial premises needs to have proper accreditation in order to safely carry out work. Proper accreditation would mean that the companies standard of work is checked and recognised as safe, in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations and of a high standard standard. Competent Persons Schemes for Electrical Contractors include STROMA and NICEIC – so look out for these logos and search for the business in question on the relevant website to confirm. Most competent electricians like to back up their years of training and knowledge by being registered on a competent persons scheme which in most situations means that they can self certify their own work and provide you a Part P certificate to confirm the work is of legal standard.

Furthermore, all electrical contractors need to have public liability insurance as a minimum that will ensure that other people and your premises will be financially covered in case of an accident as a result of any electrical failure during the project.

2. Recodnisable uniform and/or ID cards

Most professional electrical contractors have elements of company branded uniform such as coats and shirts and will likely carry business cards in the event the company doesn’t have ID cards. An absesnce of any of this should be treated with suspicion because it could indicate that you are dealing with a particularly inexperienced company/individual that wishes to avoid identification.

3. Experience

As a rule of thumb experience usually dictates the quality of work that is performed and the hourly rate/daily rate/project cost is a rough indicator of that. Rates within the industry can vary between £100 and £300 per day for a single electrician on site dependent on whether you choose to go for a novice self employed electrician or choose a highly experienced electrical contracting company that guarantees it’s work. Incidentally the more experienced the contractor, the quicker and neater they usually are but that comes at a higher cost.

If you require in-depth domestic, commercial or industrial electrical work you will always be better off going with an electrical contracting company.

4. Response time

You can also judge the competence of an electrical contractoring company by considering the time they take to reply back to you with a planned follow-up. A good contractor would respond as near to immediate as they can to all enquiries and would also provide you with a free estimate. Crucially, if your project is on the larger scale and for examples sake is approximately one weeks worth of work, it should only take an experienced contractor a few hours to put together a quote. If they keep to their word in getting back to you in good time, it’s a good sign.

5. References

Upon deciding to hire an electrical contractor, it would be prudent to look for the companies previous projects. Searching their website for instances of previous work and verified reviews. You’re well within your rights to seek references and ask those people to share their experiences of working with the contractor. It’s always worth being critical about their website too, if their first point of contact such as their business card or website is painfully basic, is that the right company for your project?

Making sure they are right for you

The process of hiring the right contractors should be less of a head ache if you can keep to the above points which can all be done over a single cup of tea. We understand as a company that you’re putting your trust in us to do a great job and we’re very aware that our reputation is on the line every time we turn up to site, which is why we are more than happy to evaluate the project in person, answer any questions you may have and provide advice free of charge with no obligation.

So to recap, if you’re looking for a reliable electrical contractor in Manchester you only need to use the likes of Yell or Google, assure they are accredited by one of the large competent person schemes, have Public Liability Insurance as a minimum, have good feedback, respond to your requests in good time and are happy to provide references of previous large work.

We provide this level of service as standard on a daily basis and all of our clients would be happy to provide a reference.